Monday, September 5, 2011

and so i face the final curtain..

Megan is not only a fantastic baker, it would appear she comes up trumps when it comes to hosting and cheffing too(even catering superbly for the awkward coeliacs in the room) We had a super night at her abode on Saturday as a send of to all the girls heading abroad for the year. That gluten free cake...yum. Unfortunately no pics to share but if Megan has some..? Just that cake alone would suffice.Thanks for a great night!

In the coming weeks Megan will be in France, Dee in Germany and Sarah in Austria...slightly worrying that I had to double check that Vienna's in Austria and not Switzerland..seeing as I'm studying German n all.lyk. And I'll be heading into my final year.. oh how quickly time has passed us by.

Have an absolutely amazing time, lap it up, time will fly, and keep the postcards coming!


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