Tuesday, September 13, 2011


WELL...Je suis arrivée a aix en provence et je suis heureuse. 

Aix-en-Provence is such a pretty place. It's much nicer than most of the other towns I've been to down south. Even though I've only been here a few days I can tell that I will like living here for the year. It's ridiculously hot here. 33 degrees today! I headed into college this morning to sort out some module-ish stuff, to no avail. It's quite difficult to do paperwork in France! After spending a hour or so trying to sort out my modules in the airconditionLESS (it seems) languages building, I walked back to my place to have a siesta...by time I got here I was about to pass out. Had a cold shower, ate a sandwich and some raspberries and all was A-OKAY once again.

 I'm pretty sure I posted a picture that I found on Google Images of this fountain when I found out I was going to Aix for the year....now I have my very own photo of it! s'nice isn't it??

Aix's Cinema...maybe they'll hire me...?

I'm going out here tonight for the first time; I'll let ye know how that goes. HA

I promise to be an excellent blogger writer person in the coming weeks...I promise that I will take more photographs and post them here and It'll almost be like ye are with me! 

Can't wait to skype ye soon! Ciara, add me! 



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