Monday, July 18, 2011

ground control to major tom..

It's been quite a while since i've been on hasn't it..whoops. Huntington Beach is amazeballs, i'm weak for the place, absolutely weak. I haven't too much else to say about it, it's like young love or something, i'm smitten. So i'll leave you with some pictures and what I consider to be part of the playlist that our summer seems to have conjured up. It's a random one.

Disclaimer: I'm tragic enough at photography and the screen is broken on my camera, (it's really upsetting and unfortunate) so excuse the quality of the pictures, i'm also too lazy to go editting but I prefer to refer to it as appreciating the raw authentic originals, yeah? yeah.

From top left then..
  • Enjoying the beach at sunset
  • Using utensils in every way possible..Starbucks cup and a fork to eat granola and milk, an obvious choice.
  • Downtown never gets old, drumming, dancing, shuffling, Brazilian non contact martial arts stuff and the breakdancing/ jumping guys, they're the coolest. 
  • Getting creative with our coffee orders
  • Everyone skateboards here, its a very legitimate form of transportation. LOVE
  • Kelly Slater is a local hero, in a Seán Óg/ Ronan O Gara sort of way
  • Being incapable of taking pictures without pulling a face
  • The beach never gets old
  • Decorating our bikes for the 4th..(much too lazy to rotate this, soz.)
  • Oh the beach
  • Riding our beach cruisers. Everywhere.
  • Not being able to afford healthy food, it's costly and unfortunate..
  • So we tend to have to resort to these (yummy) alternatives. In turn we're falling into the 'ever gaining weight headed towards obesity' bracket of the population rather than the leggy beach babe Californian bracket, this is poor.
  • My bike has lime green rims, could anything really beat that? didn't think so.
  • California gets my love.
And some playlist..

This song rings through my ears daily and has yet to get old. Number 1 song of the summer.

This has to get a mention, I'm not a Bruno fan, but here he did well, very well.
Yeah a second mention for himself... This song just captures the vibe around here sometimes..ok alot of the time.
Obvious but no less brilliant choice.

This song tends to get a play in the mellow evenings, I don't know how it came to be on the playlist but I'm glad it is.

The tastes here are Very different to home, its no Bon Iver or Bell X1 like.. but its growing on me..who'd have thought it possible!?

See what I mean?

Cake are from Cali. And they capture the vibe.

Theres so much more but of course nothing comes to mind when you need it to. Thanks toob.

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