Sunday, June 26, 2011


Everyone loves puppies.

I visited Cian in his house a couple of days ago because we missed each other. We ate birthday chinese and had an all round excellent time. He has new puppies, over whom I got to dote. There's eight of them and they are SO CUTE. Unfortunately, I couldn't play with them because they will grow up to be racers.Yes, racers. So you cannot play with racers.

I got to look at them though and rub their noses. My favourite one was a grey one that I secretely named Oreo. I have plans to revisit and kidnap Oreo soon. There's seven others, so hopefully he won't be missed.

Here's Oreo.
 Unfortunately, it was almost impossible to take  an up close photo of any of the puppies cos they just squirm around the whole time. I think the next photo is HILARIOUS because it looks like Oreo is falling and his face is just like..."aaahhh, I'm falling"

A nice photo, except for his floppy ear is folded back. ew.
Since I couldn't get a decent photograph that captures the adorableness of these little dawgs, I took a video.

By the way, if anyone has any spare puppies hanging around I would be more than happy to take them off your hands. Likewise, if anyone should wish to purchase a puppy for me, that would be lovely too.


Tonight I'm going to see the wonderfully homeless looking Fleet Foxes with the tickets I won on the radio. Shannon is coming with me. I will write about how life changing it was tomorrow.

megaroonio xx

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  1. SOOO cute <3 very jealous that your going to fleet foxes I had great intentions but they didn't quite materialise x


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