Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Oh man, Oh my, Oh me

Fleet Foxes were UNREAL last night. Mind bogglingly good. They're one of the best bands I have ever seen live. I think I want to marry the entire band, but especially Robin Pecknold. What a voice. It's just the most unusual, goosebumpy sound. He's so awkward on stage too, and we all know that awkward people are the best kind of people. They all seemed genuinely surprised and chuffed that people were going mental, but Robin, bless his little cotton socks, he giggled everytime the crowd cheered and clapped and whooped.

I will see them again before I die. Next year guys?? We could maybe follow them...everywhere. They'll have to speak to us eventually. Then we can all become friends. We'll have to roughen up our looks though. ACTUALLY, my sister said that I looked homeless today when we went shopping. SCORE. Get on it, girls. We should have a competition to see who looks the most likely to be in Fleet Foxes. HA!

              Best €39.20 I never spent. :)

Here's a video of my favourites:


Also, I loved that last post! I want all of those beautiful clothes. YAY for My Third Cousin and I! Can we be bestest blog friends? Definitely.

M x

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