Friday, June 24, 2011


I'm home. boooooooooooooooooooooo

BEFORE I tell you about my galavanting...Sarah, what a classy job you have done! Seriously, everything looks so beautiful. Also, thank you girlies for the Birthday wishes! I feel so fuzzy inside!<3 :D

Oh and also, thanks to Sarah for showing me how to make my photographs look cool like hers do. I will use some of my photos presently.

OK, here's my top 5 things that were wonderful about my trip to Paris...this time...


Biggest flea market in the world, and so worth a visit. Don't be put off by the little market at the beginning or all the guys trying to sell you a knock off Rolex or Prada bag...walk briskly past them while they boost your ego by calling you a "beautiful princess" and other such fantastically amusing names and go straight for Marché Dauphine...crap, this sounds like a travel guide which is what I definitely did not want.

Anyway, I could spend weeks in this place and not get bored or fed up. Honestly. There are tons of amazing little shops that sell everything you could possibly imagine. I only bought a few really little things but I wasn't even fussed because it was just really nice to stroll around and look at everything. Plus there was a whole load of cute/funny looking dogs walking around. Like this one whose fur looked a bit like scrambled egg:


This is on my "top 5 favourite places to eat in the world" list as well as being on this more geographically specific list. Everyone knows how much I love cakes, so I was having an ANEURYSM in here. you have to stand in a long queue, naturally, before you even reach the counter but YUM. I cannot describe in words how good their cakes are.

If I could eat one type of cake for the rest of my life, it would be their macaroons:

If I had as much money as Bill Gates does I would definitely buy a macaroon for every human being on earth. Everyone would be endlessly happy.
If I ever make it in the jingle writing/singing industry and have money to burn, i'm going to insist that Ladurée make a cake for every significant event throughout my life; birthdays, wedding, pancake day etc.



"The Happiest Place on Earth". Enough said.

Here's a picture to show just how happy we were:


I bought two lovely things in two vintage shops...they have amazing stuff. Here's directions...

1. Go to Pompidou Centre
2. Go into Pompidou Centre (just cos it's mad out)
3. Leave pompidou centre and walk to your left...
4. Keep walking for a little bit.
5. They are somewhere down there.

In all the times I've visited Paris, I never went to the Pompidou Centre...TILL NOW. It was great fun. Those escalators that go up the outside of the building are reeeeeally high and you can see the entire city from the top. Here's a photo of me standing by a giant mushroom.

Naturally, we took time to appreciate the more classical sculptures too.

Am I overdoing it with the polaroid pictures? NEVER.

We also strolled around a place that was like a little village in the middle of Paris. I can't remember the name of the place, but we ate dinner there and it was deeeeelicious. There was lots of very cool graffiti around.

There you have it. The top 5 things that were wonderful about my trip to Paris...this time.
Also, I got a tattoo.


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