Friday, June 24, 2011

Auditory Pleasure #3: The Pain of Being Pure at Heart

Brooklyn outfit "The Pain of Being Pure at Heart" came to my attention recently through We Are Hunted and this song has not left my head since. The name suggested a band who were bordering of being tweeny and emo-ish but I was so, so a/wrong and b/pleasantly surprised. There's a bit of Black Kids, Death Cab for Cutie, Smith Westerns and the Vaccines in the mix i and in other material, I can hear traces of a  Morrissey influence. It's a bit indie, it's a bit shoegazy and it's just foot-tapping, enjoyable and original music. Tempted to purchase the album "Belong" to see what else they can do. 
Enjoy. This one's a bit of a summer roadtrip sing-a-long


And Megan's back with her wonderful, cheeky, bum-pinching pictures! Rejoice!!!

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