Sunday, June 19, 2011

Can I have some Pottermore, sir?

If you are in anyway like me, then Harry Potter pretty much defined your childhood reading. I still have my first copy, before all the hype began, from when I was 9. I love looking back on all the browning pages and various food stains and the childish handwriting on the front cover. I basically grew up with the book because any year they released a new story, I was always the same age as the characters [even though Harry Potter is technically set in the late 80's/early 90's].

Second Edition. Boo yeah.

The films came along and to be honest, they didn't exactly do much for me. I preferred the way I had imagined things in my head, even though I got the pronunciation of names completely wrong [i.e. Professor Snape was Professor Snapey and Hermione was something like Hur-MEAN-y]. Yet, the films did good because none of my siblings like reading much so by watching the films, I could finally discuss plot lines and who do you think will do what's with them. It also allowed me to taunt them about what would happen in the next film as the books were always one or two ahead [I'm actually an excellent sister, let it be known]. The films have gotten better and I have found the last one to be an excellent adaptation of the book, so much so that I am hopping off the walls to see the next one. My massive girl crush on Emma Watson, as previously discussed in "Ode To Emma" post, did help matters. We saw an advert for the latest film in Buenos Aires last week and me and my friends simultaneously "eeked". Out loud. Right there. In a really dangerous train station. Like a pack of giggling school girls. Facepalm.

Some people just go too far.

But everything good must come to an end. I was sad to see the last book's final page rest open in my hands as will the throngs of Harry Potter fans be when they leave cinemas in July. Yet, the time has come. Harry's story has run it's course and we must all grow up now and leave space for the next literary hero. Or has it?
Unless you've buried your head in a big, dark hole and stuffed cotton wool in your ears, then you will know of the mysterious Pottermore project that has been hopping from facebook to facebook and site to site this week. JK Rowling is not ready to hang up her pen, so it seems. 

The Pottermore website has nothing more than two owls [Hedwig style], a Pottermore symbol and JK Rowling's signature. Clicking onto an owl brings you to this Youtube video countdown

Apparently, there is going to be some kind of announcement in 3 days regarding the Harry Potter adventures. Daniel Radcliffe of the films claims no knowledge of the Pottermore project but says it would be "self-defeating" to play the role again after saying goodbye to it so is it safe to say that this is something of the ink variety from Rowling? Her lawyer would say nothing except that "This is not a new Harry Potter book". Poo to you, Sir.

Thoughts? Opinions? Where else can she take this story?  Is enough enough? Or is this your ultimate Harry Potter wish fulfilled? Another wizarding adventure? Yes please?! Or is it just a place for Harry Potter fans to meet and remember the stories? Answers on a postcard please.


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