Wednesday, May 4, 2011

An Ode to Emma

This'll be sure to get a mixed bag of opinions but I've to come clean and admit love for herself, Emma Watson

I know, I know. "This is just your Harry Potter obsession getting out of hand" they've told me. But it's not. I actually think she's the bee's knees. I'll be the first to admit that her acting in Harry Potter, while solid, isn't anything particularly ground-breaking and I've never seen her in anything else but I've major respect for her fashion-wise and from what I can gather, personality wise too. Reasons why? Sure, I'll share;

1/Part of it has been seeing her, a girl my own age, growing up on screen and transforming. Isn't why we all secretly [or not so secretly] like the make over bit on ANTM? Transformation. It's fascinating to me how a few thugs and tweaks here and there can alter a person's appearance so much. Seeing Urh-my-own-e grow up after every summer cinema release showed to me at a young age that it takes time to grow into yourself. Which she did. Splendidly. 

She never looked older than she actually was, never tried too hard during her early teen years and kind of just grew into herself and extended that into fashion around the 18/19 year old mark. 

2/ That underage drinking photo. Not saying it's cool and I never drank underage myself but showed a bit of personality to a person many critics slated as being a bit boring and stale. I thought it was a bit ballsy, myself.

3/ Then came the editorials and fashion spreads. My personal favourite of hers were the Burberry ads. You can tell she was born in France. Grrrrrrrr. Oozing elegance. In my opinion, can't speak for the other GwtB girls. That's when my girl crush went into overdrive as I noticed her as a fashion personality and role model. I loved the styling on the Burberry campaigns and the fact she looked rather natural [if you pretended you didn't know about all the hours of styling previous] but for me, she still looked like herself.  Kudos.
That's her little brother FYI. Hellllloooo.

4/ The hair cut. Outstanding. It did wonders for her and was an extremely brave thing to do. I know myself from experience that cutting all your hair off is as terrifying as it is liberating. I went as short as Ms. Watson back in '04 at the age of 14 because I had a barnet that was outrageously thick and awkward. I felt awkward. So I cut it all off. Which may have been a poor decision considering I'd thick black glasses and braces at the time of your life where you'd want to be attracting boys but I didn't give a fock then. I did when I was 16 and thus grew it out again but all I'm saying is that it's a brave thing to do and hard to pull off. Not sure I pulled it off. Might be courageous and post a picture here but we'll see. There's something quite "Twiggish" about her now and it's made her more versatile in what she wears and has cut away some of that child star image.

5/ People Tree is a wonderful, wonderful clothing organisation that creates fair trade and organic stylish clothing. They cater for both guys and gals but more importantly, they work within close WTO guidelines and with the producers of the garments themselves to ensure equality for everyone. Emma is a model, designer and spokesperson for People Tree.

The CEO of the whole UK based company, Safia has her own blog and she and Emma travelled to Bangladesh last year to get to the source of these beautiful clothes. Orla Kiely, Vivienne Westwood and Laura Ashley have also colloborated with them but the quality of clothes are stunning and I believe that a company like this gives you peace of mind. Knowing that you aren't buying something that under-paid, under-age labourers worked on [such as Primark clothes unfortunately] is a real reason for me to save. There's also 20% if you hold a valid NUS student card! Nice! I've every respect for Emma supporting this cause so actively, considering all she's got going on. Emma's portfolio from People Tree just captures this whole good-feel vibe as well from the collections she's designed. As an aside, their new Spring/Summer collection is so fun and colourful. The below images are gorgeous and I can't wait to make my first purchase.

Love it, love it , love it.

6/ She's kissed Rupert Grint. Or rather Ron Weasley. That's most certainly the HP obsession talking but it's worth mentioning, I think.

Swooning over. Please tell me I'm not alone in this crush!?

Pics from Google, daily mail, teen vogue,  Emma's own website and people tree.


  1. You're not alone, I love her too, and I sort of grew up with her as well. She's so lovely and real and smart!

    --Megan//The Martian Tide

  2. Haha no she is pretty cool! Thanks for checking out my blog! You sure have some nice photos of her - I like the advertorial shots :)

  3. Sarah- Thanks for the tips about the market in Camden, I have heard good things about it! And that's so cool you were an au pair in Madrid! I've been one in Paris for like 5 months now, I'm kinda ready to get away from the kids... but it's all good. And I hope you were joking about my blog being dark, haha. Your blog is really neat too, very cool to have 5 different people contributing! I'm following you :). Also my best friend is traveling in Argentina at the moment too! wild!

    --Megan//The Martian Tide

  4. Definitely not alone. I did a post about her as well a while back. Although, yours is much more informative! I just posted a load of pictures of her an probably just wrote the word *drool* in between the gaps. She's amazing. ]


  5. Have you seen Cherrybomb? He's an absolute fox in it!


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