Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Its been pretty quiet round these'd wonder how those peeps who run blogs solo manage it?!or else we just don't lead very exciting lives..hmm.. anyways these are the peeps who I've been keeping track of since we've been busy running around the country.

Lauren's blog is a daily visit for me, her photography is amazing, she's a foodie who doesn't eat gluten (much MUCH appreciated) and shes great for the lols.check it.

Ashley over at "I believe in unicorns" keeps me pleasantly amused daily, she's great for the updates so theres always something to catch up on. Also..she likes Bon Iver. thumbs UP. plus some great hair tutorials. [sigh] if only I could do anything with my hair.

Sam and Chas seem to be the coolest peeps ever..and despite how weird it is to refer to them as if i know them, i like to think in a world where they were my neighbours they'd be the cool peeps you'd call over to on random summer nights to chill with for the lolz. Also...Sam's an art therapist...i mean, can you get a cooler job!?
also note..i'm on a mormon kick. i'm mildly obsessed for some reason!? you'd have that tho.

I'll leave you with this grand choooon for your teatime.

P.S: VERY jealous you get to be paris bound Megan... so very JEALOUS! it's my favourite city ever.Even more than Cork..and i have biglove for Cork. All the pictures please=)

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Swami Vivekananda


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