Friday, April 29, 2011

From one Mid[d]leton girl to another...

Don't get crumbs on your dress!

I'm actually a bit excited about the Royal Wedding though I shouldn't be. Marriage really isn't that rare an occurrence but I suppose the fascination comes from the fact, particularly Stateside, that Kate Middleton represents all the "normal" girls in the world, who may find their "Prince Charming" and win his heart too. I blame Disney, personally.

However, she's a smart girl, her parents' fortune is self-made [so she's a commoner - scandalous], she's pretty but not intimidatingly beautiful and she doesn't appear to be a self-righteous gold-digging cow. In fact, she's the kind of girl you can imagine having her hair in pigtails, singing "Spice Girls" into a hairbrush, aged 11. Maybe that's just me though...  

Kate Middleton
Midleton, Co. Cork
Many women try to see themselves in her and rather than people bequeathing her bad thoughts and envious looks, most appear to genuinely wish her the best in her marriage to Prince William, as they would their own sister. Which I think is rather nice. Bit more love in the world, right? Though she'd be sick of hearing it, I suppose she's this generation's Diana - not in appearance, personality or style however. It's more an issue of semantics. She means something to people, a real life princess and future Queen, who shows that love can overcome obstacles like birth rank. There is one distinct difference between Kate and Diana, which should be noted. Kate and Wills chose each other. There was limited meddling from the family and from what I can only assume, no coercion. It must be the first on-off-on-off again bond in the Royal's history. I don't think anyone else has had as much freedom in their romantic lives as William and Harry [as much as possible given their status, that is].               

Yes, the whole thing is trivial in comparison to the real issues of the world. And yes, it's no-one's business. But it is really. The Royals are the face of Britain. They are the representative force. They've threaded their role into every family in the country so people feel every right to poke their noses into their business. And isn't it nice to have a happy-ending and something fun and frilly to take our minds off the looming projects, the ongoing bills and crap weather? Exactly. On you trot, nay-sayers [unless you actually live in London ,where I imagine the daily disturbance will have driven you mental as you sit in traffic for 3 hours or are made stand on the tube as 11 women dressed as Corgis make their way to Buckingham Palace for the reception].
 All that remains to ponder is the dress.... What a pity it begins at 6am my time and I rather enjoy sleeping...

S x

P.S. I don't know why or how Brian O'Driscoll and wife got invited but I'd have adopted a shite D4 accent and spiked hairstyle to escort Mrs. O' Driscoll along, just to see that McVities cake. Fair play Wills.


  1. here's a link of the finished cake!

    wow is not the word.

  2. Savage cabbage! Thanks a million for that one! Craving alert!


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