Thursday, March 10, 2011

love of my life.lyk.

In my last post i mentioned thisblog, i must have come across it around valentines a year or two ago because i remember reading a post and seeing this video.. and i thought it was very sweet. i particularly enjoyed the whole guerilla art esque initiative of pretty much spreading the love.So i decided to partake. but not in the romantic sense. i love the music.And so when i went to belgium last summer to a festival i decided it'd be a Perfect opportunity. Fun stuff.Then last night i came across this song and it reminded me of the video. took a while to remember where i knew the song from tho, That was annoying. And now the withoutyouitsjustnotus peeps have made this whole endeavour into a website

See if you can find my pic. its up there!
i enjoy it, take part.especially if you're in ARGENTINA

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