Friday, March 11, 2011


So…I just got an email from the French department and… I didn’t get Strasbourg. C’est la vie! Dang.


I was pretty bummed about the whole thing until I started to research where I have gotten offered a place…Aix-en-Provence. I know, I should have researched all of my choices thoroughly before picking but alas, I was putting all of my positive energy into Strasbourg, to no avail!
Anyway, I’ve decided that Aix is unreal. Google images soon made me feel much better about the situation. Thanks Google Images

Basically, it looks like the FRENCHEST place ever. Here are some of the excellent things about it:
  1. Super warm climate
  2. Artsy town- Cézanne whose work I LOVE, lived and painted in Aix-en Provence.
  3. Really warm climate- 300 days of sunshine!
  4. Tonnes of eighteenth century fountains. (we all know that I practically live for fountains) :P
  5. Terrific climate- 28 degrees in summer.

A fountain

Another fountain

So, all is well in the little world of Megan. The TGV can be gotten to all you important peoples dotted around the place. Not a bother!

Adventures galore!

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