Thursday, March 24, 2011

its (very much not) the first day of Spring

Oh Noah.
I'll love you til i simply can't hear anything anymore. How could you not love them?
I heard today that i'll very very likely be in Dee and Sarah's homespot for my next college placement.yeow. Should be interesting!  Leaving Cert weather has arrived around the place too...and Limmers misses you peeps. Last year around this time, Sarah and Dee joined me at this side of the city for a bbq. But living in student accommodation it seems setting up a bbq in the middle of the courtyard was somewhat frowned upon...crazy, I know. So we had to resort to having one in the oven. Just as effective. Clearly.
Btw i got some great shoes, in zara
They're not quite (or atall) as orange as they look in this picture...they do wonders for the calves, and the comfort. Beaut.
Productive week so far it seems. Update from argin.tin.e.a would be greatly appreciated wouldn't it?
lets hear it!

And on a far less pleasant note, R.I.P. Elizabeth Taylor. She was lovely.=(

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