Saturday, March 19, 2011

If in Doubt, Bake a Cake

Today was a lazy day. It rained and rained so I decided to bake a cake. YUM

I'm really proud of myself. Usually when I bake/cook things they don't turn out well at aaaalll, but this did!
It's probably the most beautiful thing I have ever created.

Here are some of the pictures I took showing how I orchestrated this magnificent feat.

Look at all those's like Buenos Aires in my kitchen or something. HawHaw. (Miss yeeeee)

Here is the result...


AND it doesn't taste like shit either, which is always a plus! :D

M xx


  1. The ingredients in case anyone wants to try it!

    For the cake:
    175g of caster sugar
    175g of margarine
    3 eggs
    225g of self raising flour
    I put in 100g of melted white chocolate too but that's just meeee.
    Food colouring

    Then...for the icing...well it didn't taste as nice as I had expected so I'm going to attempt other ones and I'll put it up once I find the yummiest.

    k thx :)

    BEAUT Dee X

  3. Rainbow cake! I have always wanted to make one of these. I am easing my way into baking this year with break and bake cookies, and the biscuits that come in a can. Maybe I will make it to rainbow cake by December.


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