Saturday, March 5, 2011

Dress Up, Tiny Dancer

I like Elton John. I like his music, I like his glasses, I like his persistence in same sex partnership rights and I too share his love for fancy dress.

To be fair, a barnet like that of the one below is not easy to pull off. Some could say he's ... *badpunalert* quackers! I like fancy dress because it gives you an opportunity to extend your own personality into clothes which you may otherwise be too meek and modest to try on, as well as assume an attitude and character different to your own. Tis' also one hell of a giggle as you try to figure out how you superglued your hands to that wig and why your face paint has made you resemble Liza Minelli instead of Marilyn Monroe. 

Cheers Google Images
It also brings back some fantastic memories of childhood. You might join me in the nostalgia that surrounds your memories of your mum's wardrobe, where you and your sister got hold of musky, long tea dresses and heels 7 sizes too big. Wrapping the pearl necklace around your wrist like a bracelet and applying lipstick by pursing your lips like mum and gran did. 
My mum encouraged this show of creativity by giving us a box with lots of old clothes underneath the stairs so we could play dress up whenever we liked. In fact, the now iconic [I wish] duck feet in the GwtB banner is an example of the magic of that dress up box, worn elegantly by my sister. It was usually combined with dancing around the kitchen to whatever was on the ole' tape player at the time[I remember an eclectic mix of America, Mary Black, Van Morrison, Mike and the Mechanics and S Club 7]. 


To this day, I enjoy dressing up and getting really creative. I've never bought a ready made costume. That's just too easy. I much prefer making my own, though nothing as amazing as Sir EJ. Here's some of the more recent ventures;

The Marge Simpson outfit worked the first time with yellow food dye but on second attempt, I had accidentally picked up "Natural Food Dye". This. is. NOT. the. same. thing. Came right off on a room of clubbers who left that night looking as if they had a mild case of jaundice. :(
Now you're amongst friends here so if anyone is reading this, I'd love to hear your fancy dress stories and see yer pictures. Boast about the effort you made! Comment below.
S x

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  1. Aw thank you :) It's really nice to meet other bloggers from Cork ! Btw. Fab post ! 8)


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