Monday, February 28, 2011


I am quite the avid blog reader, hence the 'woo' factor in setting up our own one, i am Loving the sharing of ideas and finds from across the waters, heres how my reading seems to have progressed..

The blogs i started out reading were generally lifestyle blogs. I liked them, i still do. Travels and clothes,maybe a recipe here and there, like on jenloveskev Awesome. 
Lots of these peeps have since had babies, while their kiddos are defo cute and such, i thought it might be time to add more reads(its kind of a creeper thing to be scrolling through pages of baby pictures when you're in the computer room in college)

And I thought 'fashion is where it is AT.' So i started reading some, i somehow started filtering into vintage and etsy shops. They're credit card does sometimes makes it Depresso missing out on the purchases. Still good reads tho, and oftentimes quite the inspiration.


rockstar diarie
 SO one day while searching the wonderful world of
internet i came upon Mormon bloggers. They are
positive and usually quite uplifting. They're
all married and with young'uns at like 22.
(ish..maybe a SLIGHT exaggeration) Bizarre to me,
Awesome to them,
i'm fascinated. steoffrey language

Irish. Woo for the Irish peeps, blog on. This i enjoy for the knowing where people are talking about, and the discoveries that're found, even in cork. i doubt i'd have noticed Turquoise Flamingo had it not been mentioned over here.  and the irish who're on their travels,woo.  sos save our shoes

And THEN i found Tumblr. I think it quite like stumble upon  for the random discoveries of charming little nuggets. And i like that you can reblog so easily, nice little archive for oneself.

Now i'm waiting for the next wave i'll go through...and suggestions are much obliged. 
all images credited to where they link, none


  1. aww this post is great, thanks for sharing I never heard about most of these wonderful people ! <3

  2. thanks for the postlove!
    would love to see some of your favs in a post:)


"We are what our thoughts have made us; so take care about what you think. Words are secondary. Thoughts live; they travel far."
Swami Vivekananda


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