Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Winter's a comin'

Life in the new house is great! We've put up lots of curtains, hung pictures and we burn lavender on a daily basis. What more could you want?

I'm a very busy girl these days. College is crazy and has me occupied most days while the girls are at work. I'm loving it though, and I'm looking forward to the day when I have my own class of little munchkins like Ciara has.

Living so close to town is the dream. I go in every day for a stroll around and a little snack (yesterday I had gem biscuits...remember those?!). The city is starting to feel very wintery now and I love it. Everybody has cute little cold faces, rosy cheeks and red noses. In the last week particularly, I've seen about 65,000 beautiful winter coats on people that I want for myself.

I'm inundated with half-finished little knitting, crocheting and painting projects. I'm an awful woman for starting something very enthusiastically and then leaving it to gather dust for months on end. My excuse this time is that I have too much college work to get through...

Here's some snaps of recent autumny/wintery shenanigans:

Sarah's sitting across from me at the kitchen table and we're talking about giving the blog a bit of a makeover soon. Watch this space, folks.

Speaking of blogs, my wonderful, beautiful sister has followed in my footsteps and created one of her own. It's all about healthy living and she's definitely a woman on a mission! Follow her, everyone!


Ciao for now

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