Sunday, September 21, 2014

End of September

In a similar fashion to Megan's disbelief on September first, I can't believe it's the 21st already. September went by in a flash. Have you started your Masters yet Megan? Keep us updated about how you're getting on, I'm very interested to hear about how great you'll do! Excited to hear about your new found employment too Sarah, no doubt it's something epic and exotic!

September brought with it 4 nights of fireworks outside our kitchen window as the Tall Ships festival rocked through Greenwich. How romantic watching the colours from the kitchen sink, at least it made wash up a bit more thrilling.

Rationalising whether buying a camper would be a good investment. (I'm in the yes camp.)

Pigging out on DIY cheeseboards and Port. Delish.

 Tired, dirty feet after an 11 hour day at school. It's only my 3rd year teaching but I'm still managing to be surprised by the long, tough (albeit fulfilling) days that the start of a new academic year brings. I thought I'd have accepted these instead of feeling the need to crawl into bed by now. Maybe next year. 
(These days are few and far between Megan, and also not compulsory! Fear not.)

The original will always get top marks, this cover is great too.


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