Sunday, August 17, 2014


It's so nice to stop in and read about your travels Megan! Lisbon's never really been on my radar to be honest... now it definitely is, it looks amazing! Glad you and Dee enjoyed it!

Sarah, looking forward to hearing about your UK adventures. FB suggests quite the bants were had!

I have such respect for you getting back into the LC frame of mind and getting through it, I hope you're still celebrating.

Holidaying this year was a trip home to Ireland. West Cork for a week and East Cork for only a few fleeting days. The weather was glorious so there was plenty swimming, kayaking and general outdoorsing. I think this summer may be the longest stretch I've ever gone without wearing tights, It's been great. 

West Cork is a big family affair and is always worth the trip back to catch up with nearest and dearest. When Jam's parents called down they brought their quadrocopter along (it's sleek and technical and sounds like a whole load of wasps flying above your head.) Have to love the aerial view of our beloved rental in the middle of nowhere. There's usually about dozen people staying in the house with a smattering of tents in the landlords back garden, I was tenting it this year. The marquee (gazebo?) in the garden acts as the dining room so everyone can fit!

 There were plenty drives and spins, naturally.  A particular favourite was down the VERY steep roads from Baltimore to Lough Hyne. We stumbled across this randomly placed bench and the caption was very fitting:
'suigh síos agus lig do scith'

 A return trip to Cape Clear was pretty breathtaking.

And then when East Cork was visited an impromptu trip to Cork managed to be pulled together at the last minute. Getting the bus was quite the flashback.

Have any of you guys been to Six? It's new since I was home last and though we could only stay for a round of cocktails, I'd love to head back to try their food. Bit of Frieda on the wall and I was smitten. 

 2 Weeks went by so fast and then we were home to London. A few more weeks of summer holidays for me and then back to the littles on September 1st!

But first! I've Reading to go to. The line up is amazing. Everyone i'm excited to see is already quite well known but if anyone has an suggestions... send them my way!

Can't wait to see Kwabs!


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