Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Summer's coming...

Finally the summer is coming!!! Sarah is so close to finishing final year, Ciara is coming closer to those lovely summer holidays and myself and Dee are still ladies of leisure so we're enjoying it while we can!

I don't really have any excuse not to post here, because I don't have college to worry about, I have a fairly jammy part-time job and loads of free time to do fun things. I do have a new puppy though, which is a full time job. Actually that is my excuse for neglecting the blog...

My dad finally caved and allowed me to get a new dog, after years and years of begging. Harvey is his name and he is the love of my life. He's really sleepy like me so we cuddle every morning, he's obsessed with food and will do anything for a treat, just like me so we're perfect for each other. He loves music too, which I find amazing. When my brother is practicing his piano, Harvey always just sits nearby watching and listening to the music. He also loves Paolo Nutini's new song and is an avid Journey fan. Basically, he is the best dog that ever lived (along with Copper, RIP) so you can all expect to see lots of him here forever.

At the moment I'm trying to decide whether I should start my PME for Primary Teaching in September or go to India with the Hope Foundation in the winter time. This time last year I was in Sarah's shoes, stressed about final exams and I never thought I would say this...but I miss studying!! I'm doing my Gaeilge this year but it's not the same. Other than that, I'm making a load of cheesecakes, eating a load of delicious lunches in lovely restaurants, spending time with my lovely friends and enjoying the little things in life! I've started drinking tea too.

Life is good, guys!! 

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