Saturday, December 28, 2013

Happy Holidays

Ummm, wow, the blog has changed and to whoever was its designer (I suspect Ciara), it looks brill! 
Quick hello to you lovely ladies, none of whom I've been able to see so far this Christmas. 

have to forgive me guys. I got back from Limerick two days before Christmas Eve which was all rush, rush, rush. Then we each had our own respective Christmas Days and St. Stephen's Days with our loved ones. I'd have been the first on the phone today but unfortunately, I am literally just after getting over a very nasty case of food poisoning or gastoenteritis or something yucky that made me feel very, very ill up until two hours ago. Just in time! I'm boarding a flight to Liverpool in the morning to see two very lovely English friends of mine and spend New Year's there over yonder. Excited.

I hope that I will be able to see Dee, Ciara and Megan when I get back on the 3rd. Please say yes! I've been awful in terms of neglecting you all and many others this year. Resolution for 2014 right there! Gosh, 2014, that does sound odd.

Regardless, bye for now and Happy New Year! Let's hope the Ryanair flight doesn't coincide with a re-emergence of said food poisoning. 


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