Saturday, December 14, 2013

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Good Morning.

So glad to see we've all resurfaced and that all is going well for Megan, Sarah and Dee. I can't wait to hear about this first expedition in adulthood with an Undergrad under our belts. (I include you Sarah as a confidence in how swimmingly it'll go for you!)

 I'm still kicking it over here in London with Jam, teaching the tiny people. Come January I'll be here a year! Does that count as 'having lived in London?' legitimately then? Like a true resident I haven't taken advantage of many of the great things the city has to offer. I use my weekends to sleep in and experiment with cooking brunch using what's left in the fridge from the week(very often beans on toast.) If I were one for resolutions, ticking off some must sees would definitely be number one.
We have undertaken challenging construction projects...  

There have been plenty stumbled upon gems however, like this old school French bakery.

It's been a busy term in school finishing up my NQT year and getting into a routine that works for 30 small people and 3 adults who need to spend 6 hours a day together as harmoniously as possible. I hope not to have to eat my words when I say it's been ok so far...cue some blurred classroom pics.
Just understand maths already small folk!

My room was decorated in the summer and feels so...bare.

I've put up and decorated my first fake Christmas tree. The lack of wilting in the branches has been my greatest peeve about the transition  (I do accept that I should have anticipated this.) Winter geansais have been pulled out of the wardrobe and have made a very welcome return to my days and nights. I'll be home Christmas Eve for a few days and fingers crossed that schedules can be aligned so I get to see you all buds!

This years addition to my ever growing jumper collection.

This album blows my mind btw. It's currently on repeat.

Merry Happy Folks!

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