Sunday, April 15, 2012

See... French Markets

One of the most wonderful things about living in France for the year is the markets!

Because they mostly take place from about eight in the morning till midday or maybe one, I have not been to as many as I would like. Saturdays (and every other day, but especially Saturdays) are days for lying in. With only a few weeks left here though, I plan on being an early riser for the next few Saturdays, at least. 

Yesterday was the start of my Early Morning Saturday Activity endeavour. It went extremely well. I got up at half past six to go to Avignon with my Canadian friends. woooo

On the way though, we had to stop over in Arles. Not complaining! I love Arles. We had about two hours to kill before our train to Avignon so we went to the market. In fact, if you happen to be in Arles on a Saturday morning you can't avoid going to the market, since the whole town transforms itself into MARKET HEAVEN.  

One side of the main street was gastronomically inclined while the other was dedicated to clothes, art, flower and pretty much anything else you can thing of (mop heads, foam, those clips you can get for holding your bra straps together at the back...). 

Here are a few (A LOT) of pictures that I took yesterday and at the market in Aix during the year. 

 There you go, the beautiful markets in Aix en Provence and Arles. Imagine what a yummy dinner you could make with all those fresh, delicious ingredients! Maybe I should have a dinner party at mine on Satuday? Give me a call when ye are on yer way and I'll give ye directions! 


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