Saturday, December 3, 2011

go's your birthday (well it was 3 days ago)

  •  Remember the time you and Sarah came and saved me on the very first day when I was sitting next to an unsavoury character?
  • Remember the time we went as cowboys for your sister's fancy dress 18th? I'm very glad there's no photographic evidence..what were we thinking?
  • Remember when we realised my aunt and your pops were great buddies? 4 degrees of seperation and all that jazz became all so real.
  • Remember German, alllllll those years of German, and look at us now? (you too Sarah!) still keeping it up in 3rd year of die(der?!) Universitaet.
  • Remember you never ever ever wanting to be in photos? I definately do trying to find them for here!
  • Remember our chats in art, competitions on who got the inside seat and your iriver? and then the red one you got
  • Remember being in the same classes for all 6 years of secondary school
  • Remember both going to Limerick when we finished in Carrig
  • Remember the time we walked the length of the beach in Yawl? Sorry about that one
  • Remember going to Germany in 6th year and going to see Alicia a surprise?!
  • Remember when you got Tony, and that Fota picnic (Megan!)
  • Remember how you always had the best clothes, both yours and swiped from your sister
  • Remember celebrating your birthday every year while the toyshow was on in the background?
  • Remember how we used to eat our lunch in the most unorthodox of spots..under the stairs, in an elevator entrance?!
  • Remember race day in Limmers so you and Sarah came to Campus for our indoor bbq
  • Remember trying to convert me to TV on the Radio? I still haven't given them a solid listen 
  • Remember how you and Sarah introduced me to Leah and how she's now one of my most favourite people in the whole wide world
  • Remember how you were always so great at art and you probably still don't believe it
  • Remember Christmas cheer...yum.
  • Remember how you always knew the most obscure bands without having found them online
  • Remember how I think you're fab and how we shall be buddies foreverandeveramen.

Happy 21 Dee!!


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Swami Vivekananda


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