Tuesday, August 23, 2011

up up and away

Similiar to young Sarah I too have landed home in the motherland. After a charming 10weeks Ireland just doesn't cut it. Although, to be fair I am very pleased to be reunited with the fam and buddies that were left behind. I'm not home longer than a day, but I still managed to keep my American phone at hand all day.. even though it can't work here. I've converted the time from what it is here to what it is in HB. Why? I have no idea. I haven't unpacked, and the prospect of having a choice broader than just a handful of shirts to wear is, in all honesty mildly intimidating.
I have a sneaker of a suspicion that Huntington Beach will always be near and dear to me.. Aside from the beach, the surfers and the skaters theres a few things already being missed. 

 I know i'll miss the copious amounts of eats we managed to inflict upon the waistline...

The Californian humour that most don't seem to realise exists..

And most of all the buddies. Both new and old, who I got to spend my whole summer with. It's not one i'll forget in a hurry.

 Goodbye for now HB, it was a pleasure.


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