Thursday, May 19, 2011

cheese please

 Today was my first day after placement that I hadn't much else on so I opted for an endeavour in the kitchen. I was perusing over here and came upon this. We never have reason to have feta in the house..but for some reason we did today so I knew i had to get my eats on.
my gooey egg mess
I opted for adding some Major excitement in the form of potatoes and mushrooms.. I'm a mighty fail in the kitchen, particularly in the the savoury department so this could've gone eitherway. (I do however make a great pasta bake..years of experience, i'll make it for you sometime.)
enticing and less gooey

I also managed to forget to take a picture when it was done so you can just see the gooey egg version..shield your eyes if you're not an egg fan. Too late? my bad.. its nothing how tasty Emma's looks. 
 It turned out surprisingly successful, so big thanks Emma for having a great blog that i went scrolling so far back and came upon this coeliac friendly tastebox.


1 comment:

  1. Wow this looks yummy! I wish i can cook eggs like that...somehow i fail everytime!!

    Xoxo janelle


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