Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Picnic Leitreacha

'Scuse the poor Irish. That's Ciara's field. But hurrah, hip hip hooray and zip a dee doo dah, it's that time of year again!

Ohhhh yus. Now I know I'm like a month late with this announcement but c'mon, I'm living the life in ole South America but let me tell you, EP is what I'm looking forward to most when I return home. I've been to a few gigs and festivals in my time but lovely Laois is still a venture left untaken. Dee went last year, any input Dee?

Following along the lines of Glastonbury, the festival organisers are putting the "festive" into festiv[e]al by making it more of an overall uplifting experience than listening to a few beats in a soggy field while you eat squashed ham and cheese sandwiches in tin foil. [Not condemning ham and cheese sandwiches, they're my favourite]. At any rate, the line-up has been revealed and it's not too shabby at all at all. Here are some of my highlights;

Arcade Fire:
Yeah, yeah I know. Most self-righteous, phoney indie kids would proclaim either undying love for AF or scoff at my obvious choice but my reverence for Arcade Fire is neither self-righteous or phoney. Our love affair started back in '07 in a mudbath of wellies, cups and what may have been grass in the past at my first Oxegen festival. It turned to marriage last December when me and Dee went to see them in the 02 Dublin. It was a gig of legendary status. Arcade Fire for me, despite the true or untrue personal comments [Wayne Coyne, why!?], are one of the most exciting, passionate and profilic bands of their time. They weren't appreciated at Oxegen last year but the EP crowd could surely give them the reception they deserve.

Fun Fact: I hit Richard, the guitarist, in the face with a glo-stick in the O2. If that doesn't make me a firm fan, I don't know what else it takes!

Lykke Li:
A monster, a diva, a sexual goddess and "your prostitute" from ole' Scandinavia is a woman of massive talent and humble manner. "Youth Novels" was excellent and her second album has excelled her into a firm favourite of those who keep their ears to the ground.

Irish born and bred and though I've technically seen them [I was quite drunk to my later lament and only caught 5 minutes. I don't exactly remember but I was dressed up as a Blind Mouse so... ], I would be quite happy to just sit and be and listen to the beautifully woven tunes from these Waterford boys. Excited at the prospect.

A discovery last summer before Glastonbury and who my mum and I chose over Muse. There is no doubt in our minds, we made the right decision. What "Americana" is. They are the essence of weary, love-torn, heart-tinged 1970's American rock. And the flutes! Oh the flutes...

Sharon Shannon:
I grew up with Sharon and her bosca ceoil so this will be the one me and Mum dance around to. What a legend. What a musician.

Tickets are around €240 from ticketmaster and electricpicnic.ie. There are also some volunteer places so go be nice and do something for free. EP taks place this year from 2nd September to 5th Sept
Read all about it!
Now I must depart and teach some Argentinians shapes.

S x

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  1. I hear arcade fire are amazing live! Just found your blog, btw. Love it :)


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