Sunday, April 17, 2011

Charlie's Angels

So you may have noticed that Google did a fabulous video to celebrate the 122nd birthday of Charlie Chaplin. Readng Chaplin's life story was a real insight into the mind of a clever and some may say, self-destructive man. From beginning his life as a child actor in acting troupes on the Victorian stage to acting for TV shows until his death in the 70's, he never relented on work despite being accused of sympathising with communist politics and having to relocate to Europe during the McCarthy era in 1950's America. He was played by an excellent Robert Downey Jr in 1992 in Chaplin, a film which starred Chaplin's own daughter.

What I found really interesting about Chaplin was his choice of women. Married 4 times, 11 children and a host of other relationships, his women were as beautiful and handsome as they were talented and young. Their style is typical of the era and had me questioning how can women these days embrace their features and personify the natural yet glamorous look of the 1920's to 1940's. They just don't come like this anymore.

Edna Purvience, Mildred Harris, Pola Negri, Marion Davies, Lita Grey, Merna Kennedy, Georgia Hale, Louise Brooks, Paulette Goddard, Joan Barry, Oona O'Neill

Stunners, the lot of them. All different and all just beautiful in their own right. Some are ultra-feminine, others are almost handsome but tis' inspired me to take a leaf out of their book and attract my own "Little Tramp"... but not literally... Step One: Buy hair rollers.  And we're four hours behind GMT time so nopes, it's afternoon, Ciara!


All pics from Wikipedia and Google themselves. Big legends.

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  1. Great post! i loved that google used the video, brilliant tribute! I never knew he had so many kids! xx


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