Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Another Post About Cakes...

I have a thing for cakes. I LOVE THEM! I love baking them. I love eating them. I love looking at them. My favourite TV show is "Ace of Cakes" on FoodNetwork. Last week they had an "Ace of Cakes" day on FoodNetwork. I spent the day glued to the telly.
Chef Duff owns Charm City Cakes in Baltimore and basically the programme shows all of the amazing cakes they make on a weekly basis. My favourite cake decorator is Geof. The things he can do with God. One of the cakes I thought ye would especially like and appreciate and one that shows just how UNREAL these cakes are is this one that was made for the Harry Potter Premiere:

Yes, that is cake.

Anyway, I have noticed my love for cakes has grown as I have gotten older. Naturally, as a child a caterpillar cake from Marks n' Sparks was the ultimate birthday cake, that'd do the trick like. My mom usually made our cakes though, and they were really lovely! I once had an Elmo cake and a 3D Teddy bear cake that I like to think was inspired by my very first and all time favourite teddy bear, Jeremy. Maybe that's where my obession interest spawns from. hmm

I would love to own a bakery. Guys...once we're all finished travelling the planet and stuff can we open one? We could call it "Garnish with the Bizarre". We won't make cakes like the ones that Charm City do though. Just good, old fashioned cakes with colourful icing maybe. Can it look like the one Catherine Heigl owns in that mediocre film "Life as We Know It"? Can we have boxes for the cakes that have funny puns on them and nice patterns and sometimes ribbons? Can we all hang out there and eat cake and drink wine after we close on weekdays?
Please don't ask how I know about this bakery in New York. I don't even know how I know about it. It probably came to me in a dream or something. It is becoming apparent to me as I write this that I lead a sad, sad life. That, my friends, is Babycakes...look at all their yummy stuff on the website. Seriously, do. Gluten free and all, Ciara! :D It's on my "Top 5 Places to Visit if I'm Ever in New York" list just below FAO Schwartz and the Metropolitan Museum of Art. So I was thinking that our bakery could look a bit like that, maybe with less pink. We could have a pastel green colour maybe, or pink if you like, I don't really mind.

Or you know, whatever...I dunno, I haven't really put that much thought into it...

M xox

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