Monday, February 7, 2011

Picture Perfect: Day 1

Okay guys, SOZ about the underwhelming photograph for day one, but I forgot my camera so had to use the ol' laptop. I had an exam on this novel today, I think the picture captures my feelings very well. I'm GUTTED though because on my way to linguistics, who was walking behind me the whole time singing away to himself? Only John Spillane! That would have been the best picture of the day, ever. I will make up for this tomorrow. -M

                                My view. Every morning. At 8am. Blurgh. - S

we've to do art in college. its also happens to be rag week but we still have to do work. this is what happens when the two mix. i Wish i'd john spillane strolling in in front of me!but alas no..but i did get glue all over my hands. -C

 Guys i need new vodka...and maaybe a better hiding place than my knicker drawer..muy mal -D

Casey SUCKs! And will have to edit in later.

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Swami Vivekananda


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