Friday, February 4, 2011

go suck a lemon, the working life.

I'm fed up. Mood: Apathetic.
I'm not in college pre-Arrrrrgentina so I'm working. Alot. Like exhaustingly alot. I'm flat out shattered, knackered, wilted, dead, exhausted. Pick your favourite adjective and relate.

The adult working life is mean. It doesn't allow you to take every Saturday off or leave you a whole Tuesday evening to go out and a Wednesday morning to recover. Naaah. None of that malarkey.
I get up at 8. I get the bus at half 8. I work from 9.30 to 5.30. I always get out of work late. I don't get paid overtime. I have to get two buses to get home. This takes 30 mins at a minimum and an hour maximum. I come home. I eat. I sleep. Hit reverse and play again. Today, I woke up late and got a warning. Murphy's Law. I've cried alot too. But then so has my manager. Peachy.

So I take my solace in music as a replacement for my lovely friends to whom I apologise and owe many a visit. Here's the songs that are keeping me sane:

Nom nom nom.
I'll post with something abit more satisfactory to the reader at a time when my most exciting venture isn't my pending trip to the Health Shop for echinacea and zinc supplements.


*replacing "Thus with a kiss I die"*

P.S. Who else wants to go to the Egyptian White Desert after that Klaxons video! Savage cabbage! Amazing landscape. Cool cinematography. On my "to-do" list. After Duncan Stewart. rawr.

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