Sunday, January 23, 2011

Traffic isn't all bad.

Bit of a bizarre moment occured on Friday.

I got myself a job pre-Argentina and was sent to Dublin for a wondrous week of training. Dublin is a 4 hour bus journey from Cork which is a bit of a pain in the bum-o. So I arrived in the bus station at 4.20pm, just after missing the bus.


However, a quick Luas ride to the whuuuuge Penney's on O'Connell St. saw a new addition to my wardrobe.

Mum will be happy. Snuggggggily.

Back to the station for the 6 bus and it's busy busy busy with the hustle and bustle of Dublin on a Friday. It was already dark outside. Great. I was going to get into Cork around 10 [turned out to be 11] and was probably going to be killed by knackers with an aversion to stripes and people without a chip on their shoulder. I sat on the left hand side beside the window because with a near flat phone and i-pod, the scenery would have to do.

This is when the little bizarre incident occured. Well, not bizarre. But weird. But nice too. I'll explain.
Sitting on the bus as it pulled out of the station when I was looking down at the people walking by. Remember that the traffic wasn't exactly dandy at 6 in the city so we got stuck at every traffic light coming up around the quays. As I was looking out, there was this rather attractive guy standing on the pavement looking up. I figured he was there to wave someone off but he was looking straight at me. He smiled so I smiled back and then he started laughing. Hmmmmm... weird but whatever, kinda funny.

It wasn't until the bus was making its way around the initial roundabout, crawling with the traffic, that I noticed something. There was this guy, about 20, 21, walking with the bus. He kept looking up. I still thought there must be someone else he knows on the bus and he's waiting to the last second to say bye. But when I looked in front of me and behind me, no-one was paying any attention. Eventually, the bus pulled out of the roundabout and over one of the main bridges in the fair city of Dublin. There he was, waiting for the bus to catch to him on the last corner and as the bus flew past, I waved and he started chuckling before the lights changed and we were gone.

A bit.


Put a smile on my face?

Here's an illustrated version inspired by Megan's doodles.

Moral of the story?
Amazing what a wooly cardigan can do for you!

Oh! And the song on the i-pod at the time was this banging remix of Horchata by Vampire Weekend. Very euphoric!

"Thus with a kiss, I die".


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